What is your ECCN number?

  • Cooling : 
  • ECCN#: EAR99

What is Harmonization Code of your product?

  • Cooling : 
  • Harmonization Codes for our fans:
    8414.59.6590 - All fans except Blowers and Centrifugal fans
    8414.59.6560 - Blowers and Centrifugal fans
    8414.59.6595- Fan accessories
    9026.20.4000 - Airflow Tester
    8543.20.0000 – PWM controller

Where can I download UL/CSA certification of your product?

UL : http://database.ul.com/cgi-bin/XYV/template/LISEXT/1FRAME/index.html
For Fans and Blowers, please use E46810 as UL File Number.
For PWM Controller, please use E488540 as UL File Number.
CSA : http://www.csagroup.org/services/testing-and-certification/certified-product-listing/
Please use 172248 as File Number and then click the last row.

What is Sanyo Denki America’s CAGE (Commercial And Government Entity) code?

  • 3CYG3

What is UNSPSC Code (United Nations Standard Products and Services Code) of your product?

  • Cooling : 
  • UNSPSC Codes for our fans:
    40101604 - All fans except Blowers and Centrifugal Fans
    40101601 – Blowers
    40101603 – Centrifugal Fans
    40101605 – All fan accessories except Filter Kits and Replacement Filters
    40101608 – Filter Kits and Replacement Filters